Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busting Five MORE Green Myths

Myth #6: Changing over my lightbulbs will save me money, but the payback on everything else just takes too long.
Actually, many changes (like rechargeable batteries and energy star appliances) payback quickly too...often in less than 3 years.

Myth #7:  Small changes won't make any difference.
Actually, I did a post earlier this year talking about the difference that small changes make when you multiply it by millions of people who are making them.  Everything you do either helps the environment or hurts it.  Something as simple as planting your own garden (even a small one in pots) can reduce your carbon footprint.  Substantial amounts of fossil fuels are used to transport fruits and veggies to you.  You can't grow all the food you need, but you can grow some.

Myth #8: Keeping my old appliances is more eco-friendly than replacing them.
There is a bit of truth to this if you take into account the energy used to produce and transport your new energy efficient appliances.  However, the amount of energy you will save beginning as soon as you install them will dramatically reduce your energy consumption, far offsetting this over the life span of the energy effient (energy star) appliances.

Myth #9: It's better to leave my computer on, turning it on and off wears it out faster.
This may have been true of old computers, but today's computers do not suffer from the same issue.  Turn them off when you are not using them. You'll save money and energy by doing so and your computer will not have a shorter lifespan.

Myth #10: There is nothing wrong with buying things made of plastic, it's all made of recycled plastic now, right?
Wrong. Only certain kinds of plastic get recycled. Vinyl and PVC plastic do not get recycled and leach heavy metals into our landfills.