Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to EcoStylish Living!

From Mom to Baby we've got you covered!

EcoStylish was launched for one reason and one reason only.  We want to offer you the very best we can find in stylish Organic, Fair trade, and Eco-Friendly products from socially conscious designers. We want people to feel good about the purchases they make!  Wouldn't it be nice if the dollars you spent on your family also helped the planet?
We've done the research and what we've found is that trendy, fun and luxurious products can also be eco-friendly. Not all our products meet all of the 'green' attributes available, but all of them are good for the planet in some way. We make every effort to provide you with all the information you need on each product to explain why we believe it to be a planet friendly choice, and then you decide based on what characteristics are important you. You can use your purchases to vote for what you believe in.
A few years before EcoStylish was launched, we decided that we wanted to vote with our purchases too.  We went online and were very surprised by what we found.  It was not very easy to find eco-friendly or socially concious products.  We found alot of 'eco' and 'green' blogs that showed products but not alot of places to actually buy the products.  The retail sites that we did find did not have the "wow" factor that made us want to pull out our credit card.  We wanted to be excited by the products and, well, we just weren't that excited by what we found.
That's when the seed was planted for EcoStylish. We decided then that we wanted to provide people with products that were fun, interesting and even luxurious that they could truly feel good about buying.  We wanted the products to be so good that we'd buy them too!  

Truth be told, we wanted not only to find products with that "wow" factor, but we wanted to work with people we could believe in.  We wanted to work with people who believed in paying a fair wage and giving back to their communities. That is what we are doing, and will continue to do in the future.
We welcome you to EcoStylish and we hope you'll love these products as much as we do!  We encourage you to ask questions and give us your feedback. We also encourage you to review our products on our Facebook page. You can now connect with us on Twitter to get the latest news on new products and eco trends.
It's important to us that we stay fresh and continue to bring you innovative, unique and trendy products that you'll not only enjoy but feel good about buying! Let's change the world one click at a time...

*Photo "Hello" taken by D Sharon Pruitt. Photo may not be dowloaded or reproduced.