Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fashion Takes Action!

We are proud to announce that EcoStylish Living is now a member of Fashion Takes Action. FTA began in 2007 as a Green Gala fundraiser in support of Environmental Defence. Ten of Canada's leading fashion designers each made three outfits from sustainable fabrics for the event. The goal was to demonstrate, both to consumers and to the fashion industry, that sustainable materials could be used in high end garments.

The organization has grown from this event and now both educates and supports fashion related businesses to become sustainable.  They believe that: 
"If we all make one small change in the right direction--the greener direction--then collectively we believe it can have a positive social and environmental impact."
We are proud to partner with an organization that not only has such a worthy goal, but act on it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eco Friendly Fresh Start for Spring!

With Spring quickly approaching, a fresh start to going green may be on your mind.  If so, here are a few quick tips that you may find helpful:

1. Talk to your children about ways to make your life a little bit greener.  You may be surprised by what they already know. Brainstorm with them and come up with ideas that they can actively do to help make a difference for the environment.  With warmer weather approaching, perhaps they can spend more time outdoors and less time watching TV.  As the days get longer, why not leave the lights off until you really need them. Try not to waste water by leaving taps running while brushing teeth.  These are all types of things your children can participate in doing (or not doing).

2. Talk to your children about recycling and composting. Even in urban areas, there are often opportunities to do both.  There are even counter top composting buckets with filters to eliminate unwanted smells.  Why not turn a lesson about composting into an opportunity to garden with your children using the composted material as fertilizer. Even if you don't have a yard, a small herb garden is possible.  Some "green" or "Leed Certified" apartment buildings even offer the opportunity to have rooftop gardens.

3. Walk the Talk.  Teach your children not to litter by setting the example.  Teach your children about endangered animals by doing research with them on the internet or taking them to see them at the zoo.  Teach your children to care, by showing that you care.

And, as in all things, make sure you have fun!