Monday, May 31, 2010

Busting Five Green Myths!

Many people think it's just too hard to go green. I'm here to tell you that it's far easier than you think.  Here are some common myths about going green:

Myth #1: I can't afford to go green.
You can't afford not to! This can be true for somethings, but is definitely not true for most. Eating organic can be a bit more expensive.  However, using eco-friendly lightbulbs and following some of the tips posted in this blog can actually save you money!

Myth#2: I can only be green if I drive a hybrid.
Are you kidding me? Making some very simple changes to your life like eating one more vegitartian meal a week or washing with cold water and hanging your clothes to dry can benefit the environment more than a hybrid car ever would.

Myth #3: We just need to build more power plants and we'll be fine.
Guess what, we have all the energy we need right now if we would just become more energy efficient. Something as simple as every home in North America changing over their lighting to CFL's (energy efficient bulbs) would remove the need for 24 power plants.

Myth #4: I can't switch to CFL's. I've heard they contain mercury which is a bigger problem.
Yes, they do contain a teeny tiny bit of mercury...but it is less than the amount in a watch battery.  You are in far more danger from the Coal and Gas burning power plants that spew mercury into the air when they make electricity than you'll ever be by using CFL's.  These bulbs are so energy efficient that they use two thirds less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. Less energy used means less mercury spewed into the atmosphere!

Myth #5: Solar panels are so expensive, I could never afford them.
That's ok.  You don't need them.  You'd save far more money and energy by making simple changes around your house to make it more energy efficient.  We've given lots of tips in earlier blog posts.