Sunday, January 10, 2010

ANGeLRoX Partners with EcoStylish!

We are so very excited to share with you the launch of ANGeLRoX products at EcoStylish!

The ANGeLRoX collection is designed by Roxi Sugar who is, by the way, an absolutely delightful and brilliantly talented lady.

Not only do we love her beautiful designs, but we are delighted that Roxi is so committed to sustainability and the impact of her clothing on the environment. Her designs are timeless in a way that transcends the wasteful fashion engine that encourages consumers to buy trends for one season.

Her fabrics are naturally derived bamboo, and organic cotton fibres that are sumptuous on the skin and also biodegradable. Most of the collection is made in Brooklyn, NY using locally sourced fabrics. The few imported items in the collection are made in sweat shop free facilities that guarantee fair wages.

Roxi is committed to philanthropy and has a solid portfolio of charities that ANGeLRoX supports. With her collection, Roxi hopes to inspire people to treat themselves, others and the planet with equal respect and harmony.  We can't think of many goals more worthy than that one!

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