Thursday, April 8, 2010

Contest! Help Us Choose Our Charity T-Shirt Logo

As we, at EcoStylish living, prepare to launch our new website on Earth Day, we've put together a fun contest!

Below you will find potential logos for our 2010 environmental fundraising campaign. YOU get to decide which logo we'll use this year!

Once the votes are in, the T-shirt will go up for sale on our website and we will donate 100% of the profit to the World Wildlife Fund to address global warming.

Please leave a comment and let us know which T-shirt logo should win.  Everyone who leaves a vote in the comment section will be entered into a draw and we will randomly pick one winner (must live in Canada or the United States to win).  The winner will receive an organic cotton T-Shirt printed with the winning logo!


website design


logo maker logo creator


logo maker logo creator


logo design

Good luck!!


  1. My vote is for logo number 1! :D

  2. Number 1! :) Definitely works for everyone!


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