Sunday, December 6, 2009

Four Fun Facts About Recycling (That Just Might Surprise You)!

I've heard a lot of statistics this year about recycling and some of them are outright jaw dropping.  Here are a few that stand out:

1. An aluminum can that ends up in a landfill site will still be an aluminum can 500 years from now. Recycling that very same aluminum can save enough energy to power a TV for 3 to 4 hours. Wow.

2. If all Americans recycled just 1/10th of their newspapers, it would save 25,000,000 trees a year. No kidding.

3. 4000 years.  That's the minimum length of time it takes for a modern glass bottle to decompose.  The energy saved by recycling that same glass bottle can power a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.

4. 38 Million.  That's a very low estimate of the number of disposable water bottles that North Americans use each year--most of which end up in landfill where it can take up to 700 years for them to decompose. Recycling just five 2L PET bottles makes enough fiberfill to stuff a ski jacket. It's not hard to see that recycling is the better solution.

Have you read any fun recycling facts you would like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment or to connect with me on twitter.

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